A Truth

Your name makes my chest constrict with something that could be close to pain, and it’s crazy because I’ve never … More


Time teaches us what to treasure. And that is why we dread time the most.


Sometimes The Space Between A Love Letter And a Suicide Note Is Filled Only With Perspective.

Random Musings

One of those nights when nostalgia creeps into your veins, and you crave for moments that never even happened. A … More

The Meeting

“I think I’m afraid of people,” she whispered. And just how fast they change.” She was afraid to meet my … More


The delirious man strode up and down in the room, oblivious to all else around him. The snow beleaguered town … More

Ice Breaking

Hi everybody! So, its been about three months since I started blogging. All this time, all of you have been … More