The Meeting

“I think I’m afraid of people,” she whispered. And just how fast they change.” She was afraid to meet my … More


The delirious man strode up and down in the room, oblivious to all else around him. The snow beleaguered town … More

Ice Breaking

Hi everybody! So, its been about three months since I started blogging. All this time, all of you have been … More

The Legend

Woven out of promises and wishes Cast on shooting stars She was a poet and a dreamer, Perhaps the most … More

The Greatest Love Of All

You know that very familiar feeling, like you’re sinking? Like everything is falling apart, and the sun will never shine … More

It Is Marvelous

It is marvelous how people, with their million broken pieces, can feel so heavy, yet so damn empty inside. It … More


The thing is, some people write poetry. Other people live it.


The funny thing was, it was thinking that kept her sane, even when she lost her mind to the thoughts … More

The Storm

Never before had destruction looked so beautiful. The jewelled, midnight-blue sky was rapidly enveloped in a shroud of blackness. On … More