The Legend

Woven out of promises and wishes

Cast on shooting stars

She was a poet and a dreamer,

Perhaps the most musical one.

She wrote poetry with her movements

That the world would never understand,

For the world was but a wreck of lies-

A chaos of bleeding scars.

With stars exploding within her soul

And galaxies in her eyes

She was a fierce warrior

A ruler of the skies.

She was Music and Menace

All intertwined as one,

She was Beauty and Destruction

Give her a lyre or a gun.

The world never understood her depth,

They were afraid to dive in.

And never being able to fathom her out,

They called her vast expanse a sin.

‘You cannot be a warrior and a poet,

You must learn to be just like us,

If you ever want to belong

Somewhere in this wide universe.’

They set her dreams all ablaze

‘Get those passions out of your head,

All that matters is belonging,

It comes down to a game of Life or Death.’

They tore her world apart and

Tried to shrink her to their size.

‘You’ll be safer now,’ they said

Along with a pack of other lies.

What the world forgot was that

You cannot hold a wave upon the shore,

It always finds its way back home

To the place where it belongs.

She knew this world wasn’t right for her

She was made for a different age

‘Angels can fly,’ she told herself,

Before escaping her cruel cage.

They had watched her leaving

In a glorious explosion of light;

Even skeptics swore that they’d heard angels singing

On that mesmerizing starlit night.

Only after she had gone,

They wondered why everything felt so dead.

One never appreciates the legend

Until they see the monument1


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