It Is Marvelous

It is marvelous how people, with their million broken pieces, can feel so heavy, yet so damn empty inside.

It is marvelous how sometimes, the person who matters to you the most is the one who seems to notice you the least, even when you’re right there.

It is marvelous how, despite everything screaming. “LEAVE!”, people cling on to that one thing that whispers, “STAY.”

It is marvelous how, with time, the songs you loved the most are the ones that cause you the most pain, and you’re afraid of ever listening to them again.

It is marvelous how it takes just that one moment to break you irreparably, and that one smile from that one person to heal your brokenness again, like it was never there. It is marvelous what time can build or break.

It is all rather marvelous.



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