Upon the cliff the blind man stood

A faint smile on his lips- see they could

Souls of those fallen, who so long ago

Had stood upon that very spot and watched below

The River of Temptation flow on endlessly

It’s majestic waters shimmer dazzlingly

Irresistible, like the song of the Sirens

Oh, how lost they were; all those men!

In that Lake from Heaven they yearned for a swim

Never once thinking of all those grim

Dangers waiting for those fool enough to miss

The silent warnings; and give in to Temptation’s Kiss

For once caught in that Fool’s Paradise

There was no escaping those waters like ice

That clawed at your heart until you were deprived

Of that last strand of sanity that within you strived

To drag you away from that terrible fate

That came to those who fell as a bait

In the Devil’s game of Life and Death

In this game, all ended up in shroud and wreath.

Yet upon the cliff the blind man stood

A faint smile on his lips-see they could

Blind as he was, Temptation couldn’t appeal

To him-and drag him off in a grip like steel

Blindness deprived him from seeing Life,

But could not deprive him of his Life.



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