This is dedicated to all my friends. Shruti, Medha, Saakshi, Angela, Bunny, Jhalak, Anjali, the Nerds. And all of you others, who mean so much to me.

Somewhere down the line, Destiny made a wonderful choice. Guess what? Destiny threw us together. In the same world, in the same country, city, state and school. I found people like you.

Nothing in the whole world would make me want to change this, ever. Each one of you made life so much more cheerful and colourful. Sunny. I have known you people for different spans of time, but no matter for how long or short a span I’ve known you, each one of you have given me so much to cherish and remember. Each one of you have become an inseparable part of my life, and yeah, the best part of my life.

Here’s a confession- I was once stupid enough to feel that Fandom friends were closer to me than real-life friends. Gods. Let’s not think about that, ever again. You are the reason why school is so much fun.

Oh yes, we’ve had some REALLY crazy moments. I’m pretty sure that we were only ever born to be crazy. Insane laughter, cackling like a couple of cursed geese, daring (and successful) pranks, solving ‘cases’, unforgettable get-togethers, fun sleepovers…FANGIRLING!!!!!! Constant wars over ships, totally living (and dying, we know only too well!) every moment of our Fandoms…dancing, hiding up in the roof school on the day of our concert…yeah, we’ve done it all.

And it wasn’t just the madness. I know that we’ve been there for each other, even when it looked like we didn’t care. Bonds are meant to either stay taut or fall apart. There is no in between. And hey, you guys have proved yourselves again and again. Friendship would never have been this sweet, if I didn’t have you all in my life.

Yeah, we’ve had some epic fights, but that is what pulls us closer eventually. What’s life without a generous helping of tragedy, huh? Distance is just a way of reminding us how fond we are of each other. I know that we know that we were meant to be this way, with each other, for each other.

I love each one of you for being what you are the way you are. I’ll be there for you, always.



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